Austin Truck Accident Attorney

Truck accidents with much smaller vehicles can be devastating, with many 18-wheeler truck accidents leading to serious injuries and even death. Often within minutes of a commercial vehicle crash, the trucking industry has already sent its corporate team of accident reconstruction experts to the scene – and others who may attempt to gain an upper hand on the innocent injured victim or his family.

Physical evidence such as driver’s logs and vehicle maintenance histories must be preserved, and it is important to act very quickly. If you are pursuing a claim for catastrophic injuries or wrongful death, you need an experienced trial lawyer who understands what it will take to make your case.

Mark Hefter is an experienced semi truck accident attorney when it comes to deciphering the complex legal matters that often accompany cases like these – and we can help you stand up for your rights. For example, a semi truck accident case requires sophisticated analysis, and federal and Texas trucking regulations can impact a trucker or trucking company’s liability for an accident.

There may also be multiple insurance policies to consider, as well as cell phone data, vehicle safety and maintenance records, GPS records, driver’s logs and other records which should be gathered immediately following a commercial trucking crash. Experienced trial attorney Mark Hefter will personally handle your claim, working with experts in crash reconstruction, the trucking industry, medical/rehabilitation, economists, and other experts to build your case.