Real Estate/Property Disputes

Business disputes can have multiple angles and can get complicated. What might begin as a contract dispute can quickly turn into a dispute over trade practices – and that can be very confusing without the right information and insight. And in personal or consumer situations, these cases can often be highly emotional because they often involve a person’s single largest investment – their family home.

Despite the emotional aspects of these cases, it’s important to speak with an attorney at the beginning about your goals. In some cases, litigation can and should be avoided, if possible. Other cases may an experienced litigator to help you navigate through the litigation and trial of your dispute.

In either scenario, it’s important to work with an attorney who has the well-rounded experience to pursue all possible avenues for a claim – and the foresight to respond to any counterclaims the opposing party may file. Mark Hefter is a board-certified attorney with the kind of in-depth experience that commercial and business clients need to fairly resolve disputes.

Mr. Hefter’s unassuming and kindly manner, coupled with his clarity and expertise in explaining our various options convinced us to engage his services. This proved to be an excellent decision, and Mr. Hefter quickly secured the maximum amount from the insurance company. If we had settled independently with the insurance company, we would have not known about these funds. Mark also prepared us well to understand our options and the likely outcome of each.
– E.B., Austin