Gas Explosion Lawyer Texas

The state of Texas produces one-fourth of the United States natural gas supply and is crisscrossed by a huge network of gas pipelines. That extensive natural gas production and distribution network requires constant attention and maintenance to avoid explosions that can have devastating consequences.

If you have been the victim of a natural gas explosion or fire, you need a forceful and determined advocate on your side, and board certified trial attorney Mark Hefter has what it takes to pursue your claim against powerful natural gas companies. Whether you’ve been hurt, your house caught on fire, or you suffered any other damages because of a gas explosion accident, sorting out the important issues at stake is critical.

For example, one company may own the pipeline, but another company may be responsible for maintaining it, and yet another company’s and negligence may have contributed to the explosion. You need a lawyer who can sort out these issues and pursue money damages from the responsible party or parties.

Texas gas explosion lawyer Mark Hefter has trial experience with gas explosion issues and helping families affected by deadly explosions and fires caused by natural gas. He will assemble a team of qualified experts to examine the causes of the gas explosion – and has the professional experience to resolve your case quickly, and the attention to detail you need in complicated gas explosion cases.