Bicycle Safety Tips

Riding a bicycle is a great, fun way to get around Austin but it’s important to know how to use the city’s street system to ensure everyone’s safety. Both cyclists and motorists must be aware of their responsibilities and how to interact with each other. Knowing your responsibilities and obeying the laws will help you avoid accidents and make Austin a more bicycle-friendly city.

Always Wear a Properly Fitted Helmet

Most people think a helmet just protects your head, but it also increases your visibility to motorists. Learn how to properly fit your helmet.

Practice Defensive Cycling

Always pass with care and expect the unexpected. Watch for vehicles turning into your path. This is the most common way to get hit is when a vehicle is pulling out on your right-hand side. No matter who is at fault in an accident, the cyclist always loses.

Avoid Riding at Night

It’s far more dangerous to ride at night than during the day because it’s more difficult for motorists to see you. If you do ride at night, place reflectors on all four sides of your bicycle.

Obey All Traffic Signs and Laws

Cyclists must operate their bicycles in the same manner as motor vehicles. In addition, use hand signals to turn, stop, and change lanes.

Watch for Hazards

Regularly scan the roadway for cars, pedestrians, and unexpected hazards, such as potholes and tree limbs intruding into the roadway. Ride at least two feet from the edge of the pavement to avoid debris that accumulates on the side of the road.

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